Elliot’s School Report – Summer 2014

Elliot’s report came home at the weekend and rather than just being a single sheet of paper as we have seen previously, it was in a little booklet of A4 paper with lots more written comments.

Elliot has managed to keep his head in the level 2 stage – exceeding expectations for all but mathematics and art where he is meeting expectations (level 3).  In fairness he has been challenged with the analytical english side of mathematics – something that we are well aware of and that we have been working on over the last couple of months now.  ICT remains his premier subject in both desire and delivery 🙂 No surprises there we guess…

Overall, we are really pleased for Elliot, he is clearly working hard and is maintaining his above average for his age group levels.

Well done Elliot – Year 3 next and it will all get that little bit harder 🙂


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