Silcoates Years 1 and 2 Swimming Gala

This morning was the Years 1 and 2 Swimming Gala at Silcoates, with the fun starting at around 10:45.

All the children got to swim once on their back and once on their front before all being involved in a whole year relay race.

Elliot did really well this year with a second place in his backstroke AND another second place in his breaststroke race – GREAT work Elliot.

Elliot also performed well in the relay race as he had to make some time up from the little girl who went before him – he managed to pull it back by nearly 1/4 length and then Jessica D came through at the end to help cement 2nd place for the team.  A great result considering that they were almost 1/2 length behind after the third swimmer 🙂

On a separate note, Euan and Jessica were paired against each other in a couple of races and while Euan took the backstroke (by about a body length, he did not fair so well in the breaststroke where she took him by about the same distance.  He might not have lost out had he not slowed at nearly full length to make sure that he was ahead – that slow down cost him the race 🙁

The overall standard of swimming since last year is really incredible – the school are doing a great job with the kids and their swimming 🙂

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