Swimming Gala at School

This morning was the annual Year 1 & 2 swimming gala at school and parents were invited to watch. All the children were in races for their houses and then there were some relay races that all were involved in as well.

There are some very very good swimmers at the school amongst the year groups although everybody did really well today.

Sadly Elliot’s House (Yonges) did not fair so well on the day with just 62 points overall, with Evans taking the win with 102 points. Moore’s came in second with 82 and Spencer’s took third with 71.

In his individual race, Elliot decided to go for backstroke which he did really well with ( mummy’s stroke of choice apparently although not daddy’s) but would have done much better had he got the confidence to go for it without the armbands. Hopefully the extra practice / lessons on Sundays will help him gain the confidence to go without the help from the bands.

In his relay race, Elliot gained an extra 20 or so feet on his nearest competitor to have Yonges take the lead although sadly his colleagues in the race were unable to hold the win 🙁

A great event and the kids all seemed to have a really good time – the parents all certainly enjoyed watching – some even got a little competitive 🙂

We had just enough time to nip into Wakefield for a bite to lunch and a Costa and then right back to school to take Olly swimming 🙂

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