Information Super Highway

Our brand new Internet feed and home telephone was installed today. Our existing telephone number has been deleted and no longer exists and we are on a temporary number while we attempt to claw back our original Wakefield number that we had prior to leaving the country in 2010.

The Internet connection started at a blazing 40Mb down, 15Mb up when the install finished, dropped down to 5Mb down, 3Mb up and is presently hovering at 18Mb down, 10Mb up. This is quite some distance away from the 52Mb down, 16Mb up that BT promised us when we signed up. There is still plenty of time for the ‘bedding in’ to happen so now stress just yet. If we don’t get more than the 38Mb down, then we will be expecting to be put on a less expensive tariff – something that I am sure BT will not be wanting to do, but given that they set the expectations then they must be comfortable that they can make it happen.

Time will tell …

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