Back to school

First day of school in 2013 for the boys today. They were both apprentice about going back after 3 weeks vacation but went in regardless. Poor Elliot was a little emotional when the other children made their way into the classroom, although Mrs Chambers quickly managed him and pushed daddy out to lessen the situation quickly. It obviously worked well as Elliot was full of it when daddy went to collect him from school at 15:20, where Elliot see,imply has had a really good day, having thoroughly enjoyed the things that he was so anxious about earlier in the day.

Olly on the other hand came out of school REALLY tired and as a consequence has been really rather naughty all evening. To the end that once he had a bath, he was not allowed to go back downstairs as he clearly needs the sleep. Hopefully he will get a full nights sleep in tonight – he has not done a full night in his own bed for weeks now. His cough seems to materialise at night time and keeps him awake. In fact he has just started with the coughing now at 22:24, so the countdown appears to have been activated. It was 23:30 last night before he joined us so let’s see how we get on tonight…. 🙁

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