Rental Electrics are A-OK

We have had an electrician come to the houses and they are now good to go from a rental perspective – we will have our certificates on Friday of this week – result.

Just need an Energy Performance Certificate for number 16 (being looked at today we hope) and gas certificates for both (letting company will sort I think) and we are good to go from a legal standpoint.

Simon cleaned the upstairs uPVC yesterday and the loft hatch (is actually a big job with each one taking upwards of 1 hour to return to their rightful state 🙁 ).  He continues to whinge about it hurting his fingers – pussy.

Vicky is in number 16 today, painting the kitchen in preparation for the big clean in that room (cupboards) so that we can (hopefully) re-install the kitchen cupboard doors and to install the oven.


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