Number 16 now in our possession

Today, we completed on our second investment rental property – number 16.  It is a three bedroom end terrace near Wakefield and we hope to get it out and ready for rent within a month.

We got the keys at around 2pm and went down to take a look to determine what we would be needing to do – we remembered that the whole house would need decorating but had forgotten what else may or may not need doing.

Oliver and Great Grandma disappeared upstairs to investigate, and the next thing that we heard was Oliver with “Grandma, what is that SMELL?”.  The previous owners had clearly done their smoking upstairs in the house so sadly it absolutely stinks of cigarette smoke 🙁 We deemed that the whole house needs a VERY DEEP clean and sadly we will also dispose of the upstairs carpets as we really don’t think that the smell will come out 🙁

We will commence the job on Wednesday or Thursday of this week and need to remove the carpets, dismantle and dispose of the garden shed (it is definitely not in good condition) and begin the task of cleaning the whole house.  Once we have completed this task, then we can crack on with the painting and the fixing of the things that are broken in the house – i.e. from a quick inspection there are a few kitchen cupboard doors that require new hinges and some door latches in the rest of the house.  There is also some work to do with the bathroom and kitchen in that they both appear to have experienced some form of water leak in the past.  For some reason there are a few doors in the house that while they have handle they do not have latches in the doors themselves 🙁

A couple of weeks and we should be in business with the place however.


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