Daddy’s New Job

Daddy starts his new job today with a flight from London’s Heathrow Airport out to Zurich in Switzerland – the company he is joining (aptly named Snow Software) are taking the entire business on a 3 day Ski trip to Engleberg in Switzerland. How lucky is that?

Anyway, this will be a wonderful opportunity for daddy to meet as many of the people that he will be working with as he can in a short space of time so he is going to be super busy for the next few days.

Then on Sunday he flies on to Stockholm (Sweden) to start the job properly. He will be based from our home office but will be spending 50% of his time in Stockholm or 100% for the first 6 weeks or so.

Big changes at home as the family have got used to daddy being around most of the time.

Good luck daddy


Lonnnnnng journey home for daddy

Daddy got on the 7:52 train from London Kings Cross to Wakefield Kirkgate with a scheduled arrival of 9:50PM, but tonight sadly there has been an accident just South of Doncaster where a section of the overhead power cable has come down (onto a rain and apparently peeling a section of its roof off in the process 🙁 ) and rendered all northbound trains defunct.

The train is likely to be more than three hours delayed and the train has run dry….

At least it is a day off tomorrow so Costa can come to the rescue with some drugs to keep daddy awake – also known as two large Americanos please 🙂

3:30am was the final arrival time back at ForkHall – a whole 5 hours late 🙁