Daddy lost his voice

As he got off the train on Thursday evening and asked the taxi driver to take him home to Ossett, daddy quickly realised that his voice had been left on the train….

As the weekend has progressed, the voice has not come back yet, although a painful sore throat has become more and more obvious πŸ™ it gets significantly worse overnight as swallowing becomes a challenge that he does not wish to participate in and it seemingly take a few hours once awake to become less painful πŸ™

Hoping to be OK again tomorrow morning as daddy is not looking forward to heading down to London with this pain πŸ™

The boys finished school for the two week half term break on Friday evening and so far, thankfully, never of them have demonstrated that they have any symptoms of the throat / voice issues πŸ™‚

Hopefully they have dodged it πŸ™‚