Elliot’s rash

Last Saturday daddy was alerted (by Elliot) to an itchiness that Elliot was suffering from over his upper body. Upon quick inspection he was covered in little welts that looks rather like MASSIVE nettle stings 🙁

We decided a visit to the drop-in centre was a good call given that only 18 months earlier he has experienced a rather frightening reaction to something at school that ensured a swift delivery into the A&E department at Pinderfields.

We were seen rather quickly but by the time we did get in front of the consultant nurse, most of the welts had vanished 🙁 Following the consultation he was given some antihistamines and we were sent on our way. By the time we got back in the car, the welts had returned of course.

Anyway the antihistamines handled his runny nose and itchy eyes (I know these had not been mentioned previously but were deems less important over the welts 🙂 ) but not the welts in the way that had been suggested.

Over the next few days the poor soul has suffered significantly over these appearing and disappearing welts although thankfully now on Thursday, they have all gone and normal service would appear to have been resumed.

Not the best way for Elliot to enjoy his second week of summer holiday although it was not entirely while we were away and he has not been prevented from doing the things that he has wanted to so all has been OK really.