Toilet pans and sinks

have been the main source of irritation in our household this weekend as for some reason neither of them wanted to seal properly 🙁

Poor Uncle Tim has torn his hair out over them both – so our progress while forward moving has not been quite as we might have liked – that said, having no leaks is ever so slightly more important than finishing the job on time 🙂

We now have the tiles that we need to sort the shower area, the shower itself is fully operational and the area has been marked up for tile location. We have even cut out the tile that will house the shower controls in the middle.

We still need to collect some additional tiles for the splash back behind the sink etc and arrange for a plasterer to come and sort our holes etc. We might consider asking the same person to do the actual tiling as time is now well and truly against us all sadly.

We will get there eventually…