Only took 3 months but the garbage disposal unit is FIXED

Daddy has finally got around to fixing the garbage disposal unit under the sink in the kitchen. The pneumatic switch broke three months ago and upon fitting a new switch, the unit did not work 🙁

Daddy has almost bought a new unit but decided to just try one last time to fix it before ordering the new unit. Good job he did as it just needed “rewinding” to remove whatever had also stopped the machine from spinning as well as resetting. Once these few small tasks were accomplished the machine kicked into life and we are now able to grind food in the sink once again 🙂

Of course we are also £300 better off as it only cost £5 for the new switch (in fairness it took 7 weeks for the switch to arrive from Hong Kong) and then 5 weeks to get around to trying to fix it…. 🙂