South African Rugby Tour

5am and Elliot us in the school hall with his team mates, all of which look extremely subdued.

Today is a looong day with over 6hours layover in Munich as they make their way to Cape Town for a 10 day long tour of South Africa with the school Rugby (and Netball) Team

It seems to have come round awfully quickly but they seem largely ready for 10 incredible days of exploration and fun. There might be some rugby mixed in it too 🙂

We look forward to hearing all about it upon their return as we are not expecting much while they are away.

Have a great time kids and we look forward to hearing and seeing it all when you return.

Both Rusty boys are home

With over 5 hours difference, the boys are both home and sleeping tight 🙂 They have both seemingly had a great time and have different stories of laughter and of ski experiences.

Oliver has missed his parents and Elliot seemingly has an understanding of the frustration of others not wishing to get out of bed in the mornings 🙂

We have of course missed them dearly and are very pleased that they are safely home. It is great that they have truly enjoyed the experience and Simon is delighted that they would go again – although the stories do tend to suggest that they are both way better skiers than he is 😬⛷️⛷️

Radio silence 🎿🚠⛷️

Is what we are receiving from the boys in Italy most of the time.

we did receive the following message yesterday – “i’ve had a huge crash this morning which has given me a head injury”

The detail took approximately 10 minutes to get – it was a small fall with a long barrel roll which resulted in a small headache.

Anyway, all joking aside the boys do appear to be having a cracking time – with only a couple of falls so far – the result of being slightly over confident.

Christmas Lights at Temple Newsam

We enjoyed a lovely stroll around the lights at Temple Newsam this evening.

the boys of course grumbled about it before hand, but seems to genuinely enjoy the walk after all 🙂 The even was really well put together with lovely soft music as we wandered around, with a handy hot chocolate and waffle station at around the half way point.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Wishing all a wonderfilled day, whether it be with your loved ones or dreaming of loved ones that you are unable to be with today. 殺❤️

We are enjoying some Sterchi’s wonderful chocolates and relaxing in front of a crackling fire.

The weekend has passed us by quickly (as they all appear to be doing of late) and we managed to get out for a walk before the rain – the rain may be the sign of warmer weather 爛