Tiny bit of feel good factor

Last week, the local Land Rover garage wrote to us about the charitable work that they do at Christmas time with a local (Huddersfield) Women’s refuge and a local food bank.

So, today we took a reasonably large cardboard box filled with tins and dried food that we had ordered extra of, as well as a large bag containing about 5 board games and half a dozen other toys and things that we keep in stock for birthday’s etc that come along.

We hope that they do a little to brighten the lives of a couple of families that are just not having much luck at this time, if only for a few hours. These things really make you realise just how lucky we are most of the time and how quick and easy it could be to lose just a little of that luck. We really should do more to help others and this little bit of help hopefully will just shed a little light for somebody somewhere.

We think that our boys understand what they have done today to help other little boys and girls – certainly Oliver didn’t complain when he was donating a gift that we think he really fancied for himself 🙂