It has only taken two months or so, but finally we have managed to get the large tank to cycle itself properly and the ammonia and nitrite levels are managing themselves.

So, this morning, Toshiko has finally been moved in to his proper home, rather than the temporary tanks that he has been surviving (and GROWING) in these last 6 or so weeks.

This will be slightly less stressful hopefully as it will take WAY longer for the levels to get out of control and this will require MUCH less water changes than we have so far experienced.

Fixed orthodontics

So the day has come and it seems that Elliot has managed to keep his teeth cleaning in good shape – the orthodontist has given the green light for fixed braces to be applied to BOTH upper and lower jaw AND she has fitted the rascals….

Fun commences now in the Rust household – all the toffees and Pepsi max are going away for 18 months <SHOCK> as Elliot’s teeth are slowly pulled into a better placement…..

Wish us all good luck 🙂

Soup is nice…..

Meet Toshiko

This morning we headed out early to collect Toshiko – Oliver’s new Axolotl – he is only about 3 or so inches long and is about three months old.

He has been waiting on the little fellas arrival for weeks now – however we have been unable to properly cycle the water in the new tank so we are in the process of ‘tubbing’ – essentially we have two small plastic tubs and we need to change the water daily in it as the little chap can’t stay swimming in its own waste for more than a day at a time.

Thankfully, the guy that we collected Toshiko from was super helpful and gave us a piece of his sponge filter to help kick start the cycle in our larger tank. Hopefully it will work and we will be able to run a cycle or two before introducing Toshiko to his real home.

Vaccination pt. 2

Given the swift changes to the vaccination program, Simon received an email suggesting that he might be able to bring his second vaccine forward.

A quick online check proved worthy – the vaccine could be administered on Friday (today) instead of the previous plan of Friday July 2nd.

The result? We managed to get Vicky lined up for the vaccine too so we are now both double vaccinated 🙂