Mountain Biking in Gisburn

Lee, Ed and Simon went to Gisburn on Saturday for a swift 20K spin in the trees πŸ™‚

Simon’s new SunnyCam glasses got their second outing and he did better with them this time around – will try to figure out how to get some footage up on here for all to enjoy soon πŸ™‚

First footage from the trip is here in the form of Lee’s Decision

Next one is Hully Gully – oh my…

The trail was certainly more rocky than we remember and the rain had not helped – there are not only loads of rocks and stone but also lots of tree roots that are exposed and when they get wet, they are SLIPPERY πŸ™

Hully Gully was as usual a lot of fun although lots more ruts than the last time we visited.

We also checked out the skills section this time around – not been in there before and wow – demonstrated to us that skills is something that we need to work on πŸ™‚

No falls this time and lots of laughs – perfect medicine πŸ™‚