Day one seems to have been a success

Not a great deal of communications coming home from Italy but Oliver sounds to be enjoying himself and we assume the same to be true for Elliot 🙂

A couple of photos have come in from Oliver….

And Elliot seems to have Santa’s boots 🎅🏻

Dinner was apparently awful last night although we suspect that was more the fact of the diner being tired and it not being pizza 😋

More info as we get it…..

Back to (in-person) school….

Today marks the first day of school for the kids of England – the boys were not best pleased to be back to being woken up just before 7am (they have been used to 8am wake-up calls since the beginning of January).

They had to go in last Thursday for the first (of many we assume) of their Lateral Flow Testing – which was super well organised and super quick – great job done at school there.

Sadly, this also marks the beginning of the school run for 2021 – today’s was a nice start with there being roadworks in Ossett – adding almost 20 minutes to the journey 🙁

During their time working from home, they have both slipped back a little with their grades so we all have a little work to do in order to get back into the right shape. Hopefully this all gets into shape relatively painlessly and without too many “fall outs” with the pair of them… wish us luck…

Olly’s last day of Junior School….

Believe it or not, today is Olly’s last day as a junior school pupil….

He is both delighted and saddened – delighted because he has a summer break (in the house :-)) but saddened because many of his friends will not joining him in the Senior School next term.

A big day for all year 6 children around the country and we hope you all have a terrific final day 👌