COVID is back….

So, last night Elliot tested positive on the lateral flow test so he has been in first thing this morning for a PCR test. We await the results….

in the mean time, the household is on tenterhooks as we have a boys trip to London scheduled for Friday and a holiday to Centerparcs next week…. Eeek

So far he does have a temperature and some elements of a cough…. Hopefully he will be clear or it before Centerparcs….. fingers and toes crossed

Happy New Year

2020 has certainly been a challenging journey for most of us and so we are super happy to be at this end of it. COVID-19 has made for a painful scenario that has destroyed many peoples businesses and potentially lives through closing travel, accommodation and hospitality (among many other areas of course). The children have lost a lot of time in education, although it does feel that our school has managed very well all things considered (and we are sure that our school is not significantly different from others in this respect).

Sadly we are not out in the Caribbean celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary but we have enjoyed our mini celebrations at home and Vicky has been dreaming of her MFB.

2021 has got a great outlook from here right now, we have multiple vaccines, each with their own approach and a whole heap of hope. we are dreaming of an Easter where we can actually spend time with others and a summer that we might just be able to eat out again and who knows, we might even get a “proper” holiday next year…

Anyway, we hope that you are all well reading this and are readying yourselves for a much better year in ‘21.

Wishing you health and happiness throughout 2021 and beyond.

Simon, Vicky, Elliot, Oliver, Hugo and Eddie xx

Wishing all a very Merry Christmas

Wishing all our friends and family near and far a wonderfully Merry Christmas .

We hope that you are able to have a lovely time with your closest and that we can all meet up again soon in 2021.

Our Christmas Day isn’t quite going to be how we had planned as we were due to Be onboard P&O Britannia in the Caribbean celebrating our 20th Wedding anniversary.

However, as with likely all of you we are at home enjoying the coziness of the open fire and another terrific Christmas dinner courtesy of Mrs R 👌🍾🍷🍹

Have a wonderful time and we look forward to meeting you again soon for dinner, drinks, a dog walk or under whatever circumstances we can ❤️

20 years ago today……

We were preparing to say our “I do’s” and begin the journey of our lives….

20 years later and we are sat at home, rain outside, the kids still in bed and we can’t go out for dinner tonight…

Not quite the plan that we had for today – we were expecting to be aboard a fabulous cruise ship, sailing the Caribbean, enjoying family and of course the wonderful food and beverages.

Maybe one day we will be able to celebrate in that way, but today, we are going to enjoy being together, walking the hounds in the rain…

Hopefully we will be able to host a celebration in the summer in the garden instead where we can celebrate with friends and family – fingers crossed…. 🤞🤞🤞🤞