Terry Tesla is here and Ronnie has left the building….

We just got back from WeBuyAnyCar in Wakefield who just bought Ronnie from us in under 20 minutes – an incredibly quick and easy process.

A sad day to say goodbye but fun new journey just beginning as the electric machine arrived earlier today at 3pm. We have already begun the process of transferring the cherished registration plate over to the new car – initially named “Terry”. 6 miles on the clock and is presently charging on our new home EV charger…..

The fun of the new electrified vehicle world starts here….

Change around in the house

We finally decided to bite the bullet and try to solve the technology additions in the household today, by swapping the current office for the playroom.

The thinking being that if we give the biys a place they can go to relax and play games and / or meet their friends that is their own haven, then they will not just be gaming, sleeping etc in their rooms and perhaps most importantly allows us as parents to better monitor the time that they spend in each activity.

The challenge that it poses us of course is that we now no longer have an office at the bottom of the garden as it is now the playroom.

We have therefore setup Vicky with her office in the attic and Simon will be using either the dining table or the bureaux in the lounge on the days that he works from home (he is looking to increase his days in the Leeds office over the coming weeks).

Hopefully this will work out for all of us in time.

Bathroom finally complete

The house bathroom is finally complete following a terrific transformation by our plumber, Russ Gilbert – we are REALLY pleased with the results, now that we spent the weekend doing the paint work – although we did wish that we had thought of doing the painting in the weekend during the actual building works – that way we could have had the ladders in the room when there was no bath, toilet etc installed…

What do you think of the new light fitting? We stumbled over it on a trip to buy new trainers from Freeport on Sunday – seemed to perfectly fit the bill and was a great value…