Boys away for the weekend

The boys have not long since left with Grandma, Tyler and Alicia for a last minute east coast weekend away. They were super charged up and didn’t give a second thought for leaving the house – they were in the car and seat belted in before daddy could even put his shoes on to begin putting their stuff in the back of the car….

Sadly, we have a whole weekend of DIY in trying to get the en-suite closer to completion so we can’t even maximise the opportunity by going away ourselves 🙁

The en-suite is well underway however and the new parts have all arrived so hopefully we can get all the wet jobs finished on Saturday and perhaps begin the prep work for tiling. However we do still need to wait for a plasterer to come and help us – a job that we have not even found a plasterer yet – hopefully this won’t keep the job waiting too many additional weeks.