Daddy scratched / crashed mummy’s car again :-(

Yesterday, daddy managed to drive Bruce into a stationary bollard at the White Rose Shopping centre 🙁 He was faffing around on his phone (trilingual to secure Disney Infinity 2.0 Baymax for Olly apparently) and turne too sharply to the left as he drove out. A nice transfer of the red paint onto Bruce was the outcome with (fortunately for daddy) no actual damage, although there was paint in the nearside rear door, wheel arch, rear bumper AND wheel / tyre….

He was inspecting the handiwork while waiting for mummy to come out of the Marks and Spencer door when an elderly gent wandered over and said “you don’t want to scratch such a lovely car” to which daddy said “sadly it is a little law, I have caught the car on one of th bollards, but that’s not the worst of it, it’s not my car… It’s the wife’s and she is just about to come out of that door over there.”. The chap just said “oh, well if you let me move may car, you can pop yours in an I can watch to see what happens…..” Hilarious 🙂

At least there was no physical damage as the paint polished off easily when we got home but mummy did make the point that only daddy has wet crashed the car and that she has only ever taken great care of it….