Happy Mothers Day

We wish all mothers a terrific day today and hope that you are able to spend it enjoying those that you have brought into the world and/or helped manage their time on the world, even if that is just a telephone call to connect. You are all incredible people with immense strength and determination to make us all better, more rounded and focused people, for which we are truly thankful. Without you, we would not be and it is highly likely that we don’t acknowledge any of this nearly enough.

He is on his way home….

9 days so far, number 10 tomorrow when he finally gets back.

He left Cape Town almost two hours ago and has a further 10 hours before he is getting off the plane in Frankfurt, 2 hours later he will be heading over to Birmingham International. It is a LONG way – 6100 miles according to Apple….

We have had more comms from the AirTag we placed in his bag than we have him, so we hope that he has had a terrific time and taken in all of the experience in full.

We are clearly hoping that we hear a LOT more about that experience than we do the lack of internet while he has been away…..

Long journey but a good first day it seems

Elliot arrived in Cape Town, 24 hours after leaving the house. They are only 1 hour ahead of us in the UK, so the big flight was essentially through the night (almost 11 hours).

Rather frustratingly, he was awarded a centre seat with little legroom so apparently did not get a great deal of sleep. That and the fact that they went straight into a South African rugby training session was a winner 🙂

Anyway, says he has had a great first day and managed to get a little sunburn on his neck – dipstick

South African Rugby Tour

5am and Elliot us in the school hall with his team mates, all of which look extremely subdued.

Today is a looong day with over 6hours layover in Munich as they make their way to Cape Town for a 10 day long tour of South Africa with the school Rugby (and Netball) Team

It seems to have come round awfully quickly but they seem largely ready for 10 incredible days of exploration and fun. There might be some rugby mixed in it too 🙂

We look forward to hearing all about it upon their return as we are not expecting much while they are away.

Have a great time kids and we look forward to hearing and seeing it all when you return.