Rest in peace your Highness – thank you for your commitment to all of us

A momentous day that nobody was looking forward to, but an opportunity to sit back and realise all that of importance to us all. We all matter and our Queen led us all with that thought every day of he life, showing compassion to all.

Rest in Peace safe in the knowledge that your family are continuing the lead that you so clearly showed us all.

The very best of luck King Charles

Terry Tesla is here and Ronnie has left the building….

We just got back from WeBuyAnyCar in Wakefield who just bought Ronnie from us in under 20 minutes – an incredibly quick and easy process.

A sad day to say goodbye but fun new journey just beginning as the electric machine arrived earlier today at 3pm. We have already begun the process of transferring the cherished registration plate over to the new car – initially named “Terry”. 6 miles on the clock and is presently charging on our new home EV charger…..

The fun of the new electrified vehicle world starts here….