Bathroom finally complete

The house bathroom is finally complete following a terrific transformation by our plumber, Russ Gilbert – we are REALLY pleased with the results, now that we spent the weekend doing the paint work – although we did wish that we had thought of doing the painting in the weekend during the actual building works – that way we could have had the ladders in the room when there was no bath, toilet etc installed…

What do you think of the new light fitting? We stumbled over it on a trip to buy new trainers from Freeport on Sunday – seemed to perfectly fit the bill and was a great value…

Shopping in today’s world appears to be a huge pain in the a$$

Today we ventured out to the shopping village near Castleford as the kids could do with new trainers.

The first challenge to meet us was that the M1 / M62 junction is closed when heading east 🙁 so a 15 mins detour around Rothwell was on the cards.

The car park was not too busy so that was a good sign, although security was setup to not allow a certain number of people in the centre (makes sense to ensure that there is plenty of space for everyone to not be over crowded etc).

We headed straight for the Nike outlet to find a disable queue forming outside. Having waited just over 40 mins, it was clear that there was around a further hour to wait and sadly the Rust patience ran out so we aborted and head home…..

We won’t be doing that anytime soon again 🙁