Productive yet ill weekend

The weekend started early in Flockton with Elliot being sick just before the school run on Friday πŸ™

Sadly he was not well during the morning although the afternoon was slightly better. Sadly at 3 am on Saturday morning, Elliot was sick in bed and required a full change of bedding – which we were not in a place to do. So, at 4am we were plumbing in the washing machine (after lifting the heavy thing UP the cellar stairs puttin daddy’s back into a small spasm πŸ™ ) and setting it of on the first of many washes over the weekend.

So, daddy cancelled his ale trail trip with the boys and we finished emptying Turner Close.

Both the boys rooms are now completed and are in great space although there is still much to do in most other rooms in the house.

Today, Lee came over and helped Simon get networking into the office and into the lounge so we are now all ready for BT to come and fit the telephone and broadband next Friday. Once this is done, we can order Sky and will finally be in great shape πŸ™‚

Hugo decided that after his walk with the kids and Caroline and Jessica that he would simply run away out into the darkness in the back garden. 20 minutes of panic was followed by scratching at the front door when he came back from his own accord – to a different door to that which he left….

The weekend was finished off with a cheeky glass of red wine in from of a roaring fire 👌 🔥

Kirkby Grange Farm

So it finally happened after what feels like months of perhaps unnecessary torment and stress – we bought Kirkby Grange Farm in Flockton. A beatiful 4 bedroom end cottage that forms part of the original farmhouse that would be the ultimate if it were ever joined back up again.

The huge task of actually moving started on Saturday after receiving the keys on Friday evening.

The boys are hugely disappointed that there is no WiFi at the house yet πŸ™‚

More info and pics will come soon….