Dipstick daddy :-(

Because of alloy damage to mummy’s car, daddy bought some AlloyGators that effectively fasten between the wheel and the tyre on each wheel and they protect the alloy from kerb damage.  They arrived during the week and daddy set to work fitting them this morning.

He popped the jack under the car and didn’t check properly what he was jacking – there was a space that he thought was the right place – clearly he is a muppet and didn’t check properly.

Bottom line is that the compressor for the air suspension is now potentially damaged which could cost upwards of £1,000 to fix 🙁  All to save £500 of having the wheels re-cut.

Not happy doesn’t even come close…

To top it all, he has run the battery flat in re-inflating the tyres so we will only know of the potential damage once the car has a re-charged battery and has been taken out for a drive.


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