Bedroom TV

Finally, the TV in the bedroom is completed with the lifter in the cabinet working beautifully. There was a small issue with the TV fouling the base of the lifter unit that meant the lifter was not happy and consequently lifted the TV an inch or so back up – making the cabinet lid be open ever so slightly.

To fix the issue, Simon cut some 12mm tube spacers and bought some extra long screws to force the TV to be a further inch away from the lifter. The result was that the problem was instantly fixed 🙂

Now all that remains is to consider using wired networking rather than making use of wireless LAN for the TV (Smart TV functions such as iPlayer and the like) – the wireless LAN appears to not quite be capable to hold a connection long enough to run an entire show.

Actually, there is a challenge with the Blu Ray player and how it fits into the cabinet such that we can easily insert discs and watch them. At the moment it is just sat in the base of the unit so is sub-optimal.

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