Car Trip West

We took a trip out to the Aqua Portamio shopping centre after breakfast (having downloaded the free Portugal GPS software for the iPad / iPhone as backup 🙂

The shopping didn’t take long (we had the boys with us after all) so we drove on to Lagos to see the sights etc. Beautiful harbour and beaches at Lagos, so maybe if we have time while we have the car we could go back for some beach time.

Back to the pool this afternoon for some rays and some swimming practise. The morning was mostly overcast and mid 20’s C so we didn’t miss any sun action of consequence by going out in the car. Olly managed 20 mins sleep on the way back so hopefully it will make him less ratty later on.

Dinner in tonight and then a trip tomorrow to Albufeire which is supposed to be v nice – maybe Vilamoure if time permits.

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