Classic and American Car show at Silcoates

Look who we bumped into at the little car show up at school this morning 🙂

P1020051There were some truly impressive cars on show up at school from the A-Team van (including weapons attached to the insides) to the very latest F-Type Jaguar – very nice BTW 🙂

Some cracking examples of Mustangs of all ages and half a dozen tremendous Jaguar E-Types including a really nice black convertible V12 variant 🙂  Sorry, no pictures were taken thought sadly…

The show was for the 6th form charities so hopefully a good amount was taken – it certainly seemed pretty busy and most people that we know were there.



Sad sign….

….when the Landrover Assistance guy waves at you when he sees you on the road 🙁  Well it happened today on the way home from the school run 🙁

Guess we have seen him too many times recently.  Prob doesn’t help when we know him by his first name either…


Running weather :-)

On Friday we went down to Xscape in Castleford and had our (Vicky and Simon) running ‘gate’ checked at the Sweatshop.  It seems that both have neural gates so ordinary running shoes are more than adequate BUT Simon does have a slight twist to his ankle that might well benefit from having better support at the ankle.  So, new running shoes all round it seems and we are now getting out again to build out that fitness etc and help stave off the lard 🙂  Plus, given we have made the investment in new running shoes, then we are slightly more motivated to get our money’s worth.

Let’s just hope that the nicer weather hangs around for a little longer to make it all easier and more enjoyable 🙂