Sicky Olly :-(

Poor Olly came out of school last night with a temperature on the way – his face was flushed and he had bright red cheeks.  He gradually declined as the evening progressed, albeit managed via calpol and ibruprofen.  He did not sleep well during the night and kept mummy up for a significant portion of the night 🙁

So, he has not been into school today and has been in and out od sorts all day with wanting to be cuddled, then not cuddled etc

This is definitely not the usual temperature issue however, as he started vomiting at around 16:45 and has had 4 episodes of sickyness since then – it is only 17:56 now…

Typically today is Christopher Leech’s 18th birthday, so daddy is going to go along to celebrate with Chris at his birthday dinner, leaving mummy behind to look after Olly 🙁

Hopefully he has got the bug out with the sickyness and he will get a decent night’s sleep tonight…

Fingers crossed little dude….

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