Weekend at Grannies :-)

Granny Cuckoo is coming round after work tonight and taking Elliot and Oliver for a weekend at her house. As usual they are full of it, and just this afternoon Oliver was talking about going to Charlie Fast Tracks – let’s hope they are going there this weekend, or there’ll be trouble πŸ™‚

Hopefully Olly will behave himself as he has been struggling this last couple of weeks with his temper and his attitude in general.

In other news, the Costa Coffee T-Discs arrived yesterday for the new tassimo machine and WOW – they are GOOOOOODDDDDD :-). just need to ensure that we don’t get too much into caffeine and have too many πŸ™‚

With the kids being out this weekend, we are hoping to get out on the bikes for a nice ride out – we both feel like we need the exercise and we don’t often get the chance to go out on the bikes at the moment and certainly not together πŸ™

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