Ducky’s Park Farm Day

And it was a bit wet and a LOT muddy – clearly a lot of rain water has fallen at the farm over the past few weeks. It was nice to go back there but a little disappointing to see that they had not really made any additions / updates to their existing infrastructure of three years ago 🙁

The kids were blissfully unaware of this and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They really liked feeding the goats / sheep, although one of the cheeky older goats managed to grab hold of the bag that Elliot had his food in – stole it and it tore – so he ate the bag :-). Elliot was not best pleased with the goat so decided that he was only going to feed those that were not so cheeky 🙂

The indoors section had them both enjoying themselves thoroughly where Elliot found a friend called Matthew who he played with for the better part of an hour and Olly disappeared to a section upstairs entertaining the folks up there with cat mewing and the like. We did think we had lost him for a few short moments until mummy heard the mewing coming from the room. 🙂

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