Pepsi doing well :-)

Well, despite spending the weekend pretty much unable to walk due to his back being somewhat broken :-(, he has been showing off this morning with a few short bursts of speed on his feet.  We have taken him in to the vet this morning, and Gordon said he is delighted with the improvement from Friday, and that we should go back to see him again next week.

Pepsi is similarly delighted that he is no longer penned into the small area in the Lounge – we had set up a small area such that he would be unable to exercise himself too much as part of the recuperation time.

He still struggles a bit on the laminate flooring but can easily get himself around now.  We will look to find a couple of cheap carpet runners in order to simplify his wandering around the house.

We are going to postpone the vacation to the Lakes by a week to ensure that Pepsi’s recovery is maximised over the next 10 days.


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