Olly at the Paediatrician

Today was Olly’s second visits to Mr Jones with reference to his fevers. Typically, he has only had two fevers since the last visit three months ago, and neither of them were full power fevers. We are beginning to think that he is growing out of them….Hopeful thinking maybe…

Mr Jones advised us that the blood tests that they ran from the blood that they took following the last appointment showed that all the white blood cells were back in the right place, although there was still a test showing inflammatory markers. Consequently, he asked for more blood to be taken today for further testing of this – to check that these markers were now gone from his blood. So, we had to struggle with Olly to get a vial of blood from him again today – he was not pleased with this proposal when he realised what it was that we were doing 🙁

We will get an appointment in 4 months and his HIB immunisation levels are not high enough, so we will get an appointment request from our GP to head in for a further immunisation.

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