P.T. Day 5….

So it feels like we *may* finally be making some progress. we did not have any accidents yesterday at all and Olly even took himself off for a wee on a couple of occasions πŸ™‚

We even ventured out of the house as we needed to take Elliot to the walk in doctor surgery – yes once again our own surgery could not see him as they were as usual emergencies only – rally is ridiculous that we can hardly ever get an appointment at our own doctor πŸ™ Anyway, it transpires that the poor monkey picked up impetigo at the play centre in Sheffield on Saturday last week :-(. So he has some strong cream to hopefully burn the four spots from his face…. πŸ™

It is Manda and Katrina’s wedding day so Vicky was tres busy yesterday getting the cupcakes finished and ready for delivery today. They definitely caused her a few challenges and I think she ended up baking nearly 200 cakes to get the just over 100 that she needed. We are taking several sets of clothes for Olly and we will be all over taking Olly to the toilet as many times as we possibly can to get him through the day. Fingers crossed this will be a good day for him and also a great day for the happy couple of course πŸ™‚

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