Potty Training…

We have got to the point where we HAVE to get Olly potty trained so today is day 1.  We have had two accidents today and around 8 successful potty visits 🙂  We have also managed to get a large number 2 delivered to the potty also 🙂

Simon did try to begin the training yesterday, although got off to a bad start by trapping his leg between the toilet seat and the porcelain 🙁

All in all, we have done pretty well today although we don’t think that he has a clue when he is needing a wee, just gets frustrated with us for asking him to once again sit on the potty 🙁

Anyway, our plan is to spend this week getting a little wet, a lot frustrated, but with the plan to break the back of it…  Not a massive issue that it is raining heavily then 🙂 What a start for July….

Simon has also arranged for Chips Away to come out next Wednesday to repair the paintwork damage that he applied to the front of Bruce in the school car park last week 🙁  Sadly he thought he was OK when doing tight maneuvers around the back of school, and caught the bumper on the school wall.  A couple of hundred pounds will see it sorted by Wednesday afternoon 🙂

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