School’s out for summer

Last day (or half day) yesterday at school and it sure was an emotional day. It started with a whole school assembly in the morning where there weren’t many dry eyes in the chapel. Mrs Grunwell had then arranged for the children to release a helium balloon each from the quadrant in the middle of the school – sadly the rain somewhat caused a challenge with this as it had the effect of removing the ability for most balloons to float :-(. The children still enjoyed themselves however.

There were little teddy bears all around the school – one each for t he children to commemorate the school closure and thus it was printed with how long the school was in service.

Then we collected the children at 12:15 and poor Elliot was uncontrollably upset at this being his last day and possibly the last time he would see Miss Bedford ever. He is still not quite right this morning 🙁 In fact, yesterday morning Elliot was awake at 4:30am feeling stomach pains. We think it was all his emotions in advance of the day ahead 🙁

We had a lovely lunch with some other parents and children down at Frankie and Benny’s in Wakefield – took some getting there as the rain has caused masses of flooding all over the place in the Wakefield area.

Hopefully the flooding in the area will have subsided as we are heading down to Sheffield as Vick’s rings are now ready and so we will be collecting today (weather permitting).

Finally, we went out for dinner in Horbury with a large group of the Reception class parents. We had a fab night and have arranged to do it all again in 6 weeks or so, and agreed to get the kids together in the mean time.

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