Last Reception Assembly ever at St Hilda’s today…

Sadly, this morning was the very last ever Reception assembly at St Hilda’s. The class performed a really nice piece for the school on dinosaurs. They all told us key snippets of information about when the dinosaurs roamed the land, how long ago they became extinct (and what that meant). The class had all painted their own dinosaurs (Elliot’s was a Stegosaurus) and they finished up singing a dinosaur song, and acting it out.

It was very well put together and the class clearly had fun doing it. 🙂

Oliver’s class also came in to watch the show – incredibly Olly sat through the show and watched intently – wish he could sit still for such a log time like that for us at home 🙂

Poor Elliot was poorly this morning but was absolutely NOT going to stay away from school for e last ever assembly.

It is school Sports Day tomorrow – perfect given that the gorgeous sunshine of the beginning of the week has been replaced with heavy rain…. 🙁 think we will need a brolly or two…

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