School trips to Silcoates and Sunny Hill

The boys have been on separate school trips up to their new schools from September to have a look around etc.

Elliot went to Silcoates on Monday and met his new buddy called jake – a boy from year 6. we think he was expecting somebody significantly older as he said that Jake was only a small boy 🙂 He really seemed to enjoy it as he was telling us about their swimming pool that was inside and that they got to choose their own lunch 🙂 Hopefully this is setting the foundations for his enjoying the school from September – he has two more visits in the coming month or so to familiarise himself with the place etc.

Olly went with 5 of his classmates to Sunny Hill to visit their nursery and meet the new teachers. one of his favourite teachers called Lauren went with them as she is accordingly going to go to the school next year also. He also seemed to enjoy himself although in many ways he would probably enjoy it regardless 🙂

It will be kind of strange for the boys when they go to their new schools next year as they will no longer see each other during the day and even when Oliver is at the Junior school, he will be somewhat segregated from Elliot so will most likely not see much of him there either. That said, we think they only really see each other at lunchtime at St Hilda’s in any case, and this will continue at Junior school in that they will use the same lunch hall 🙂

We have a parents meeting at school tonight to discuss e plans for the upcoming Filey trip – Vicky is already planned in to go with them all, so Simon is hoping to get in on the action too as it seems that there are a lot of other parents going on the trip.

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