Wonderful outdoor weather lately

We have basked in beautiful sunshine for more days that I can recall this week :-). So much so that we have been out with the mountain bikes to Newmillerdam and out this morning for a gentle run around Pugneys Country Park. Both days were simply sensational sunshine with no clouds in the sky, although on. The bike trip, poor mummy did come a cropper :-(. On a small upward hill she managed to find herself in the wrong gear, tried to dismount quickly to avoid pain and failed to actually get off gracefully – thus ended up on her ass in a huge area of nettles. Kind of ruined the ride for her sadly – she is still nursing pain from it today and I suspect will not be forgetting to be in the right gear in the future 🙂

Overall, the ride around Newmillerdam was probably around 10 to 12km and reminded us that we have these wonderful bikes I bathe garage that need using and enjoying to the max – we must get out more.

Today was a little gentler with a power walk turning into a run around to the perimeter of the Pugneys Country Park in Wakefield – probably just over a mile and was perfect for mummy’s training. Olly came along in the sports stroller and he and daddy went running 🙂 The stroller is actually very good as a runner as it is really easy to propel and most importantly steer with just one hand while running. this one is now another activity that we should do much more of. Suspect this one will be way more determined by the weather however.

The sunshine looks to be set in for the weekend, so we need to get some garden activities in this weekend – perhaps a spot of gardening might be on…. :-s

The downside to such weather??? It reminds us massively of what we are missing in Northern California and hence makes us miss it big time… 🙁 Can’t win…

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