The boys first sleepover

We dropped the boys both off at Grandma Cuckoo’s for a sleepover. They were pretty excited as they were going to be planting some seeds in pots up at Nards while they were n their little trip.

This was actually their first ever sleepover without mummy and daddy so we were slightly worried.

Turns out that they were not really that bothered about not being with Mummy and daddy, and seemingly had a great time at Grandma’s.

Mummy and daddy on the other hand had much less fun – we set out in Tina to go shopping and headed to Bradford, only to find that the only place to park was the multi storey car park,cand given we were in Tina, we decided that it was a bad idea. It also did not help that the rain was pouring down. :-(. So, we head out to Birstall to go to the cinema – only when we arrived there was nothing on for over an hour :-(. so we ended up walking around IKEA looking for furniture for the conservatory, and then having a coffee in Costa before heading home.

We managed to get a nice meal out at Brasserie Forty 4 in Leeds – we took Bobby for this drive 🙂 We managed to get back to Ossett in time to go out for a few beers with Uncle Tim

We finished the weekend off with Dinner at Grandma’s when we collected the boys.

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