Day 8 – Hollywood Studios

Another early start today for a magical day in Hollywood Studios. Grandma and Granddad opted to stay home again today, so it was just the Rusts and the Folks (Linda also opted to stay home today).

This place has massively changed since we were last here – was called MGM studios back then too. The place is awash with some awesome rides – Star Tours, Indiana Jones Show, Rock and Roller, Tower of Terror.

We has a large amount of rain fall from about 3pm for just over an hour so we got pretty wet – soon dried off of course 🙂

Elliot seems to have picked up an interest in Star Wars so at least that is something other than the Pirates of the Caribbean 🙂

We are heading out for a meal with Amy and Jason tonight sans kids so looking forward to that and then tomorrow is our last day so we will be packing he bags, depositing them at the check-in desk in DownTown Disney, and heading to the Folks hotel for a few hours before the big trip back to the sunny UK 🙂

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