Day 7 – Epcot

So, we are rapidly closing in on the end of the vacation 🙁 and today’s treat was Epcot. We have not been here since ’98 since we deemed it poor back then, hence did not wish to waste a Disney day in here during the last couple of visits.

Today however would be different since we would be walking it with the Folks 🙂

There are a couple of new rides since we were last here, with the Nemo ride being particularly clever for the younger ones and Sourin’ great for the older ones. Sadly Olly was too small for Sourin’ so daddy had to sit it out :-(. Vicky did suggest that it has become her new favourite ride, and those of you that know her well enough will immediately realise that this means she rates it above the Tower of Terror !!!!

We managed to get lunch in the aquarium but came out feeling $100 lighter and for four, that seemed extremely high for a below par meal :-(. We have come to realise that Disney lunches are just WAY overpriced sub-optimal meals, and that in future tips we will either bring our own food or leave the parks for food.

We managed to walk around to China before the boys advised us that it was time to head back to the hotel. We walked clockwise for those that know the park and hence this will give you an idea of how far we got – hint – not far at all…

We have deduced that while Epcot is definitely Disney quality with regards to realism and build of the attractions, it is not for us and we will continue with the avoidance tactics next time – spending our time on the other three parks which have way moron offer to people like us :-). We will also make use of the ride max tech that Jason introduced us to this week since it has most definitely made the trip more enjoyable although will require a reasonable amount of up front planning – here’s hoping that the planning is not a big piece of work as we have simply been in play mode this week rather than needing to think too hard about anything :-). Thanks Jason 🙂

Tomorrow – Disney’s Hollywood Studios…

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