Finally arrived

Well, what a day 🙁

We got out of the hotel room in Manchester for 7am so that we could get checked in for the new flight emailer than most – this was successful although it scored us some seats right at the back of the plane – more about this later 🙁

We enjoyed a nice leisurely breakfast in Manchester Airport’s Terminal 2 lounge and then Simon and the boys head off to look in the shops. a couple of small purchases later (headphones for the boys and a couple of sleeping pillows – Olly’s naturally a pink cat), and we had a small 2 hour wait to find where the plane would depart from.

Olly managed to get around 3 hours sleep on and off, with Elliot watching a couple of movies on the fancy on demand system on the Virgin flight and also a bit of obligatory Pirates of the Caribbean on the iPad.

All was going so well, until we landed and disembarked the aircraft in Orlando. we joined the back of a queue to get thought immigration that actually took just over 2 hours to pass through :-(. By this time both the boys were very tired and getting very short with each other and others. Thankfully, the car was ready once we got all the way through and we were able to relatively quickly get out of the airport and over to the hotel. A stop off at McDonald’s was requested for a burger / nugget stop (incredibly we managed to resist getting any for ourselves) and we then checked into the hotel.

It is now 21:25 local time and all bar Simon are asleep – although 45 minutes ago you would not think that they were going to sleep as they were absolutely full of beans.

The calpol and ibuprofen does appear to have kept Olly’s temperature at bay – let’s just hope it stays away for the remainder of the trip…

shopping tomorrow and then onto parks etc… 🙂

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