Great start….. NOT

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time so that we could get our seats sorted and ensure that we were all sat together.  we were greeted by a very tall chap who advised us that our flight was cancelled and that we would be rebooked onto a flight tomorrow 🙁


It turns out that some poor sould has suffered in a pretty big way on their way out to their holiday destination of Barbados yesterday, culminating in the plane needing to land in the Azures for the chap to make his way post haste to the nearesthospital :-(. he knock on effect being that the plane was not in Manchester for our fight and no other plane could be commandeered for the need of our flight 🙁

So, hre we sit in the Radisson BLU hotel on the Manchester Airport grounds to stay overnight prior to a departure tomorrow at mid day. The kids are not amused and Olly is adamant with his question asking – WHY features VERY highly in the questions 🙁

So, we have had a very decidedly lower than average meal in the hotel and a short walk to locate some refreshments and breakfast items for the boys for the morning, as we will an needing to queue with 1200 people in the morning to check in. there are usually two flightsleaving for Orlando, but tomorrow there will be 3 🙁

On the plus side, Simon called the hotel and the car rental folks and managed to get some cash back from the fact thatwoe will not be needing the various items today and would like to collect them tomorrow instead 🙂

Hopefully the next blog item will be a little more interesting and more holiday specific….

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