Happy Easter everyone :-)

We wish all a very happy Easter time to one and all.

We have enjoyed a really nice day afternoon in Halifax today, although the day was somewhat taken over by Draw Something iPhone app :-).  We were told of it yesterday by Clare Somerfield and downloaded it this morning – the day has been eaten by our futile drawings of things from butchers to ligers 🙂  VERY addictive game and making great use of technology from mobile apps through to cloud storage and integration into social media – a good idea from the designers 🙂

Chocolate has been the name of the game today as well it seems with all (excepting mummy)going for it in a pretty big way with the devils food that is chocolate 🙁 ).

Yesterday, we ventured out to Cannon Hall Farm with the Somerfields and despite a little rain and a little cold, we had a GREAT time out – there was a little Easter Egg Hunt and obviously lots of play in the outdoor play areas that they have there.  On the way there we most definitely thought that it would be nice to live in the surrounding area of the farm 🙂 Maybe one day….

The weather in this last week has been pretty outrageous with all of the seasons appearing over a 4 day period.  We have had the heat of the summer (21 degrees for 2 days last week), then the Autumn winds followed by the snow of the deepest Winter and then the Spring rain has been with us for the last two days.  Incredible really and we have been setup for a cold, windy and wet Easter time 🙁  Good job that we will be jetting off to Florida on Tuesday for some Disney magic then 😉

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