Number 16 as good as ready :-)

We have almost completed number 16 – yay !

The first floor is 100% complete, and the ground floor is about 95%. We have just got to get some wood filler for the lounge laminate gaps by the door frames etc, put down some grass seed to help the garden mature, put up the house number on the door, ensure all light bulbs are in working order and get some small stones for the back garden just to tidy it up a little. Lastly there are some paint marks on the floor as you enter the house that we need to remove as they are a little unsightly and are therefore needing to disappear 🙂

All the work gear is now in number 4 awaiting the start in the morning 🙂 No rest for the wicked …

On the plus side we are just 2 weeks from the Florida holiday – MEGA YAY !!!

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