Keys for number 4

We collected the keys to number 4 today – the previous owners requested to stay in the property for a month or so after purchase until they found alternative accommodation.  Basically, their new house purchase sadly fell through just days before completion of the sale of their existing home.  They paid a good rent to us, so we were only too happy for them to stay a little longer, while we got sorted out elsewhere.

Number 16 is gradually getting closer to readiness – the tail end of the week has seen the carpets go down (today), the electrician come and check it out (he returning next week to upgrade the main fuse box to be up to standard – he will check out number 4 as well – no doubt we will need the same doing there 🙁 ), the painting is now complete everywhere except the kitchen (we think will need two more coats on the ceiling in there along with at least one on the walls and the kitchen is the room that we really need to focus on) and a little touching up following carpets etc going down.   There is still the windows to clean inside and out, the guttering to clean, the front door to clean and re-paint and then we are close to being able to rent the place out 🙂

We are really looking forward to the holiday in Florida in a few weeks time – the last 10 days have actually been hard work – it is really nice to see our efforts move towards a brand new home – it certainly feels like a difference house to the one that we took the keys for nearly two weeks ago.  We will have some before and after photographs in the coming days so stay tuned…

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