Working weekend…

We had the day off from painting etc yesterday, so obviously we went down after school to get a couple of hours in :-).

Today, the boys went the play at Grandma’s while mummy and daddy got stuck in at number 16. Granddad also popped down as he offered to help remove the scabby front garden and put some cleaner looking stones etc in place. This took around 4 hours all told as there was the original garden to dig out, which effectively ended up with approximately a half a ton of muck. Greg had already collected one ton of stones and brought them in his trailer. The front garden now looks sensational and Simon is very tired – we moved about 3/4 ton of stones and 1/2 ton of garden muck, although it was moved three times so 1 1/2 tons moved in total 🙁 It was moved because Simon was concerned over upsetting the neighbours as the driveway directly outside the front of the property does to actually belong to the property – it belongs to the neighbours’ property.

So, inside Vicky cracked on with the upstairs painting so we now have fully completed gloss work upstairs and the bathrooms have a coat of the white emulsion on the walls and ceilings (we decided to have them cleaner and therefore just white emulsion).

Finally the kitchen cabinet doors are prepped for sending and then three coats of the spray paint – the actual spray work will commence on Monday.

Slowly we are getting there, although we have set ourselves the tough target of having the house complete by next Sunday evening. Will we make it? Stay tuned to see….

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