Olly’s turn in Chapel

This morning was Nursery and Pre Nursery Plus to deliver a little show for the rest of St Hilda’s in the chapel.  Oliver was extremely well behaved and walked in quietly and proceeded to sit down at the front and did not misbehave at all for the 20 minutes that the assembly was on.  He didn’t really get what they were all doing and as per the last time there was a nursery presentation, Olly didn’t appear to get involved in the singing – however when he got home tonight, he was full of the chorus and sang away like an early bird at sunrise 🙂

Number 16 – we have now got the hall, landing and stairs complete (although another coat will be required in the downstairs hallway in order to be considered totally finished), the bathroom ceiling is done and the lounge ceiling is 50% done.  Greg came around and fitted some shelving that needed replacing.  We are having a day off tomorrow apparently as we need to do some food shopping etc.  The plumber is presently at number 16 fitting the cupboard bottom under the kitchen sink 🙂

Vicky cleaned out the fridge as mould was re-appearing – it has now been banished to not return until after tenants move in.

Simon is actually getting the hang of painting and is actually quite enjoying it he claims :-s


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